Abdominal pain

This is the pain that is experienced at any point between the chest and the groin, in the area that is normally referred to as the stomach or belly. This pain can be generalized where it is felt in more than half of your stomach typical of viruses, bacteria, gas or indigestion or if it is more severe it could be an intestinal blockage.

Localized pain is one which is found in one area of your stomach which could be a sign of an underlying problem with an organ such as liver, gall bladder among others. Cramp like pain, although not serious could be as a result of several reasons such as bloating. Colicky pain comes in waves starting and ending suddenly. It is often severe and could be due to problems such as gallstones or kidney stones.

We normally conduct a physical examination as well as take a medical history to establish the causes of the abdominal pain. The specific symptoms, pain location, as well as information on when it occurs, will help us detect the cause. We also carry diagnosis tests such as Barium enema, urine, blood or stool tests, colonoscopy, electrocardiogram, Xrays of the abdomen among others to have a proper diagnosis.