Colitis is an inflammation of large intestine which may be caused by infections, autoimmune reactions, and poor blood supply among other causes.

With our gastroenterology specialists, we treat colitis and other gastrointestinal diseases. Colitis may be managed through primary care specialists or gastroenterologists; this will depend on the type. Depending on the type of colitis, signs and symptoms may vary but most often include diarrhea and abdominal pain. Others include blood in the bowel, fever, constant urge to have bowel movement among others.

As part of the diagnosis process, our gastroenterology specialists will perform a physical examination through taking the vital organs with a focus on the abdomen, feeling the area for masses, enlarged organs, and tenderness. Past medical history will be taken to assess the risk factors, some of the questions which you may be asked: When and what symptoms do you experience, when they started. How long the pain last, frequency of diarrhea, whether one has traveled, recent use of antibiotics, whether you have experienced blood in the stool among other questions.

The gastroenterologist will examine the rectal area exploring for any masses, checking the color and consistency of stool. Laboratory tests will involve checking whether there is blood in the stool, a complete blood count to assess the red blood count, white blood count, and electrolyte analysis. Colonoscopy and images may also be requested.

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