Colon polyp

This is a tiny clump of cells which form at the lining of the large intestine. Although most of the colon polyps are harmful some may develop into colon cancer which can be fatal especially when not discovered early. Anyone can be affected but those who are fifty years and above, are obese or smokers or genetically predisposed have a higher risk that general populations. Colon polyps have no symptoms requiring regular screening if you are at a risk. Screening tests such as colonoscopy are recommended. If found early, can be removed safely and completely. One may not know he or she has colon polyps until an examination of the bowel has been done, some of the experiences include rectal bleeding, change of stool color and bowel habits, crampy abdominal pain and anemia.
Visiting us we will offer colon polyps screening, advise you on the lifestyle changes that may be required to prevent it. We also offer treatment and management of the condition; depending on the severity of the symptoms we will recommend the most appropriate intervention.

If you are fifty years old, we recommend regular screening of colon polyps; it is the best way to prevent it and also an early diagnosis of colon cancer.

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