1st The quality of patient care they offer is excellent, I have never had any complaints, even by phone they are very kind and willing to help with appointments and any uncertainty, 2 nd Dr. H. Tepler always very kind and direct in the recommendations and steps to follow in the treatments

Dr. Raskin is one of the best doctors around!!! He is kind, understanding and caring! He spent a lot of time with me answering all my questions and he explained everything in detail to me about my condition. His staff is a reflection of the Doctor. They are friendly and very kind and very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Raskin.

My visit was a breath of fresh air. He made me feel so comfortable. I would recommend him anytime! His staff was also very nice and helpful.

Dr. Raskin is amazing! He's very well-versed in Gastroenterology and very down-to-earth and pleasant to go to.

Wow! I've never been seen for a DR like him. He is very detailed and also explains the pros and cons of everything. He spent like 20 mins in the exam room giving me information and explaining every procedure to be done at the office and at the hospital. His staff is very helpful and nice, the receptionist was super attentive and professional. Her name was Jennifer. I was the 1st patient in. Thank you so much for such a great service. I will be back after my Endoscopy

Dr. Tepler is the best Gastroenterologist there is. He always has a smile and a positive energy to him. He explains everything thoroughly and reassures you. He is extremely punctual and caring. I had a Colonoscopy done today and he made me feel so comfortable as I was very nervous. It was a breeze thanks to Dr. Tepler and I am so glas I found him and he will be taking care of my issues. Thank you Dr. Tepler, and I will definitely use him for all my GI issues.

Dr. Raskin's great reputation is well known and that's what encouraged me to call his office when I was unwell. He spent a lot of time with me answering my questions and he gave me a thorough examination. He diagnosed me right the first time.

My name is Irvin and I recently had the most amazing experience ever with Dr. Tepler. I came to him unsure, somewhat anxious, and a bit on edge because I was having some bowel movement issues, and minor spotting with blood. We went through many things, history, activities, etc. And we really connected. I had a Colonoscopy with him, and his AMAZING team and it was really a great experience.
Dr. Tepler not only has an amzingsense of humor, but he provided me clear, honest, and simple to understand feedback. No fuss, no muss, no nonsense. I also work in the healthcare field managingmany facets, and his team was such a breath of fresh air. All bright, feisty, fast, and know their stuff. I highly recommend Dr. Tepler and team. By far, the best surgical and practical medical interaction I’ve had in the past 10 years. Cheers to you Dr. T!

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